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A bike lane is an on-street facility for bicycles, designated by visual separation (a painted line).

Example of a bike lane. When next to fast traffic, at least 5 feet of clear biking space should be provided, with a preferable 6 or 7 feet.

Color adds distinction to a bike lane- and also slows down cars. All it took for a makeover on this street was some paint. Note where the old lines use to be (Sandnes, Norway).

This bike lane (in England) has a signal for the cyclists.

Here is a bike lane near Cambridge, MA. A sudden car door opening can put the cyclist in trouble.

Unmaintained bike lanes are ineffective. This one in Missoula, because of the slush, forces a cylist to ride in the blind-spot of motor vehicles.

A community is faced with tradeoffs in accommodating all modes of transportation. Slimmer lane widths for cars, bikes, and pedestrians can prevent the need to tear down buildings and vegetation- but may compromise safety. (near Stavanger, Norway)

As this biklane heads to the right, a 'slip', in the shape of a triangle, appears for left turning cyclists.




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